Free TV Viewing With Freeview (UK)

freeview digital tv

Now it is possible to view free TV channels through your TV antenna. This means no monthly fee, no dish or any other such kind of requirement. With Freeview (UK) you can watch over 60 digital TV channels and nearly 15 HD channels without paying any kind of fee. If you want to receive Freeview, it is possible to pick up the signal with a professionally installed digital TV Aerial. If you are in the Preston area of the UK, I can recommend to do a neat and professional aerial installation.

Freeview Play

Now you would be able to watch programs from All 4, BBC iPlayer besides the I TV Hub, and Demand 5 along with over 60 TV channels and nearly 15 HD channels. In addition, it is possible to watch any shows that you may have missed over the last 7 days with the help of Freeview Play. All that you need in order to avail of these services is to ensure that your TV or your recorder remains connected to the internet. The best part is that all this is absolutely free for you as there are no monthly charges of any kind.

Just buy a Freeview Play TV or even a recorder. Since Freeview Play is still a new standard, hence you will not find it in your current TV or recorders. But you can always add Freeview Play to the TV you are using currently. Or else you can just connect your present set to the Free view Play recorder.

Once this is done, you need to get connected. This will be done once your aerial is securely plugged in. Now you may connect your new TV or your new recorder to broadband by using Wi-Fi.  Next, tune in to get all your Freeview (UK) channels.

Start watching and exploring. Scroll back in the TV guide to know what all you have missed in the last 7 days. Now is the time to catch up on all those programs. There will be programs on demand which you can find in the Freeview Play apps. You also get YouTube, Netflix as well as Amazon Prime from this TV and recorder.

A wide range of Freeview Play TV as well as recorder is available for you to choose from. Pick out one that is best for you. Panasonic VIERA TX-40CX680B is one option. It is a 40 inch 4K TV with Freeview Play. Another is Panasonic VIERA TX-50CX700B which is an elegant 50 inch 4K TV that provides you catch ups too. Or you can choose Panasonic VIERA TX-50CX802B which is a 50 inch 4K TV with Freeview Play.

Dealing with a Damaged Flat Screen Television

The fact remains that all kinds of Plasma, LCD or LED TV today are large and delicate. Also, a large flat screen TV which has not been attached to a wall has a much higher chance of falling down and cracking or breaking the screen. But you may still try and do some kind of LED TV repair in order to fix this without the need to buy another TV.

Fixing A Broken LED, LCD Or Plasma TV

If your TV has fallen down and there is a crack on the screen, it may lead to vertical lines or half of the TV screen turning darker. You can try replacing this Screen or LED or LCD or Plasma part. tv repairCheck if the screen is broken or the glass panel that is on top of the actual screen before checking any parts.

See if your issue is a cracked screen or picture lines or any kind of black spots or it may be just problems of image distortion. Basically you are trying to see if the damage is just to the screen or has gone past it into the LCD, LED, or the Plasma which is behind the screen. You can fix the flat screen TV once you are able to get the parts cheap. In case your LCD, LED or even the Plasma is damaged, then repairing your TV can be really expensive.

Check out some TV repair shops near you. They will be able to replace those parts of your TV that have failed and making the TV not being able to display the screen correctly.

Identification Of Broken Parts

In case you find that your TV screen is not broken but it does not come on, there are a number of things that you can do. There may be a single part that may have failed in your TV and now requires LED TV repair. There are a number of circuit boards as well as wiring harnesses inside your plasma TV. Other parts in your LCD or LED TV will include power supplies, inverters. t-con boards, capacitors, signal inputs, controller boards and IR sensors and more. You can buy these TV replacement parts in order to fix your TV.

It may not be so easy to determine which part inside your TV is damaged. You will need a multimeter for that. Or else you can take your damaged TV to a repair shop to troubleshoot this issue for you.

Finding the Right TV Aerial Fitters for You

tv aerial engineers

Has it got to that time where it is becoming almost impossible to watch the TV. Has the picture become so bad that it is making viewing an absolute frustration? Well, if so or not there are ways in which you can find the best installers in your area. If you go onto the internet and type in aerial fitter and your location, you will see a large number of aerial companies, but a good looking website or good rankings is in no way indicative of the company being reputable. Even, customer feedback can be faked including google reviews, so what should be done?

120x57_logo-approved-member-largeGood quality aerial companies tend to be affiliated with a trade body such as the CAI or the rdi. When choosing, try to find out if they are or have been part of these organisations and also, whether or not they have any other qualifications such as NVQ’s. This does not mean that they are better than another aerial fitter who is not accredited, but it does help to indicate that they probably are of a good enough standard to carry out work on your property.

When speaking to the aerial fitter over the phone, ask enough questions about the kind of solution he would expect to come to if he was to fix your aerial system, and also try to get a figure of how CAImuch such a job usually costs. Ask if the company charges a call out fee. This is not always a bad thing since any good company will want to reduce unnecessary call outs where the customer doesn’t need to pay or that the fault has suddenly fixed itself just as their engineer turns up. But, as a householder, it is wise to find out if there is going to be a charge before booking in a fitter.

If you have taken the effort to follow the suggestions above, it is likely that you will end up with an aerial or satellite engineer that is reputable and experienced enough to fix and sort whatever reception problem you have at a fair price.


Digital Television Aerials

If you are wanting to watch Freeview TV in your home, you would need what a lot of people call a digital aerial. However, did you know that there is no such thing as a digital aerial? There are of course aerials designed to pick up the digital signal, but they are not actually called digital aerials. These are either wide band aerials or full band, but to be honest, if the signal is strong enough any aerial will pick up a good enough digital signal to watch glitch free TV with.

There are certain types of aerial that are better suited for picking up a digital signal. One of these is the log periodic aerial. This is a slim modern full band ready aerial that has no balun or back reflector. These are a good design only for the fact that they rarely have issues with water ingress and they are better to have up on that mast as they have a low wind load, due to not having that balun.

digital aerialIf you at this time having problems with your television reception, the chances are you have an aged system and it needs replacing. What I mean by this is that over a period of years the TV aerial and cable get weathered due to exposure to the sun and rain, heat and cold. With this comes water ingress due to cracks in the cable sheath and water can build up in the diode box on the old fashioned aerials

Many homes in the UK still have the old analogue style aerials. These were designed by professor ‘Yagi’ and sometimes analogue aerials are referred to as yagi aerials. A Yagi aerial if set up correctly can still pick up a good digital signal if located where the signal coming from the transmitter is strong and of good quality. So, there is no need to remove the old aerial system if all is working as it should. Wait until it starts to fail before calling in the aerial fitters.

If your property is further away from the transmitter or you live in an area such as a valley with many trees around you, it would be harder for the old analogue aerials to pick up a completely digital signal. In these instances, it would be better to use a high gain full band aerial, even a log periodic 28 elements.

If you are struggling with the reception and your television picture repeatedly breaks up, then it would be better to call in the experts rather than going out to buy a booster or amp to help since all this would do is boost an already poor signal.